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Lindsey Wixson by Harley Weir for i-D September 2014 (winter inspiration)
Yves Klein, IKB 191 (International Klein Blue), 1962
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Summer love #1: genetics and genomics! I enjoyed my course so much that I am actually considering applying for a Masters in behavioural genetics now, something that crossed my mind years ago but I ignored that thought. Maybe wrongly? (video: Professor Michael Snyder from Stanford on personalised genomics, 2009)
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Summer love #2: OutKast. I mean, I love OutKast forever and the fact that André 3000 may drop music breaks my heart. But bouncing round... two towns, actually, like a flawless bitch at the moments of greatest depressive moods over this summer was possible only thanks to OutKast. Also, in a bonus, a guy I loved madly two years ago commented on my dressing up using this title expression which made me laugh so hard that I've actually totally forgotten that he's two years late
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Summer love #3: I've developed a bizarre addiction to listography. Listography does help, in getting thoughts or very first ideas organised, but it also brings you down (the part of the list on the left, the pink one, it's my to-do list for the summer. It is endless and I feel I will fail completely at completing it unless someone stands with a whip above me for the whole month)
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Summer love #4: French, revision (or learning stuff from scratch. I'm still a beginner but... Huge debt to D for correcting me and encouragement, I shall come back to my learning to see how very well I did with my revision and how much I remember [and carry on with other chapters of my grammar book, I'm done with 5 out of 27, not the best score, and I only have a month to finish!])
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Summer love #5: La Silésie with all its lovely quirks (yes, this person in the glass of the music shop in the close city centre [sic] is your one and only. Please don't mock my fat legs, je vous remercie de tout cœur)
I cried
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Also, this track should become an official song of my university, with everyone crawling in the waves of palatine paint
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Happy birthday the King
Uma Thurman by Ellen von Unwerth for V Magazine
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Knuckle Bone jewellery, part of the Défilé collection for Maison Martin Margiela
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