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Naguib Mahfouz
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Unbeing dead isn't being alive
— e e cummings
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Beautiful runway makeup 🎨 via @ulyana_sergeenko_moscow

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Gillian Anderson for Rolling Stone, 1997

forever inspiration

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Poppy Okotcha, Wonderland Magazine
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With this performance, my horrible obsession has started... uhum, crush, it's a crush
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That weird moment when I really loved Drake's video (but this track is perfect in terms of its delicately oriental, barely electronic, smooth beat. Really cinnamon-y. And that sweater game. And the real-bodied ladies in the video. I'd be happy if they did more than go for sexy poses but still, fair enough)
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Fort Romeau for Dekmantel, 6 hours of smoothness
Alastair Casey
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You look is so pretty pretty that it's actually punk
I moved out on the same day as the 60th anniversary of the Lolita first release. Coincidence? Yes, complete, but an amusing one 
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Amilna Estevão photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, W Magazine September 2015

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This mix is everything
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