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Fashion of the year (I): Olympia Le-Tan. When I started dating this year (are you getting an impression I have a life? Please rest assured that's not the case!), my date has shown his tumblr to me (a little bit reluctantly. Well, ten months of knowing each other later we have this joke that it's a pornmblr, and the only way you can say this word in real life is by prolonging the M, oh wait...) His tastes are different to mine but we meet where all guys and girls meet, I believe: in the belief that Nazis were baddies but damn son, did they dress well (and crops, unf!); that fringes are everything; and that some very recycled pictures, such as over-the-knees, are recycled for a reason: because sexy. I was slightly intimidated to give my clear indication of what I find sexy in a visual sense (and I wanted to friendly tap his peacocky, overdressing soul) so I've shown him the inspiring dress; the dandy women of Gucci from the past (when they recycled the riding boots and black silk shirts, 2009?) and this year's f/w from Olympia Le-Tan. Why he failed to find it perfect, I don't know. I mean, women wearing pencil skirts, knee-high boots, leather gloves, and casually holding crops with a heart finish! I have no idea what to want more from life. I was so enamoured, that it actually crossed my mind to rock this outfit for Halloween (and I feel sorry about not having the guts to actually do it. I'd look delicious, especially if I put my hair into 1950s type of faux-effortless waves.)

One of the things that I will always laugh at in that way that all women do--a little bit lightly, a little bit ironically, a little bit sadly--is the fact that my date likes to fantasise about des filles (French women, obviously.) He often tells me (with that kind of annoyance-that-is-not-annoyance because intelligent men like the thrill of the chase as much as the thrill of the catch) that they drive the guy crazy and then they just wouldn't make you catch them but you still agree because of le charme. I will always smile, kind of sadly, because I've never been born to a French body, but a little bit ironically, as I quite like the body that I have + all the subtle filth of other women! Being bisexual makes you understand quite many thrills, I think, and share them in total separation from their exact gender significance. Sans jealousy (I see your point of attractiveness, even though my gender role should make me feel bad about enjoying seeing your point and I should consider its occurence a threat instead), with sadness, maybe (because sans jouissance?) But how has he managed to capture the nature of le charme so well and then failed to see it perfectly embodied by Le-Tan, Le-Tan who made her collections for magician's assistants and schoolgirls this year? That's a perfect recycling of an old motif, and le charme makes it so brilliant and lively. It's spectacularly playful and all the filth! Mme Le-Tan deserves all the best for the upcoming years, so it makes me really glad to know that she's opened her first official, physical store this year
Fashion of the year (II): Karolina Laskowska. The funny thing with Ms Laskowska is that she is a Polish lady who lives in London, she's very niche and has pretty much just started her postgrad life, and her ad catchphrase, kinky sexy pants of joy, describes her work perfectly. I've never thought I may dream of soft cup bras (I have this obsession with my boobs not looking good in anything not underwired) with winks to kink (bondage-y straps? who do you think I am, a closeted latex admirer?) Actually, her work is all that, kinky and sexy, but the winks in particular are brilliant; see especially the kimono silk collection, where the real high quality vintage silk gets combined with straps into e.g. harnesses, which basically gives you a girly, sfw-ish take at Nobuyoshi Araki without you having to suffer from not ever being able to meet him in real life, or being sad that you cannot do shibari yourself. How cool is that? Veeery cool
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Fashion of the year (III): Moynat Paris. Absolutely fantastic bags, a total dream
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Design of the year (I): Blokografia is a collection of paper cut-out typographies designed by the Polish studio Zupagrafika from Poznań and inspired by Polish modernist architecture: from the prefab blocks in the districts to the ones in the city centers
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Design of the year (II): R+ Co, a hairdo company. Fantastic names and the even prettier packaging. Also, compare with their website, a gem of hipsterati, glitterati, and minimalism
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When he was dying, the emperor Vespasian is supposed to have joked that "I think I am becoming a god" (Suetonius, Vespasian 23.4). It is a joke with a serious message. Strange things happen when men become gods. Divinity distorts discourse, and the consequences can be perverse.
— Alastair Blanchard, Sex: Vice and Love from Antiquity to Modernity
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Let's not overinterpret this photo, shall we; I just like how it has this overall symmetry with those tiny little asymmetries. The usual day on my blog, with its lesbian porn (thanks for being sweet and subtle, J)
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The only advantage of today seems to be the new track of my future husband. This is how love should sound like, banging like the track up till minute four, make your heart all emotional like the piano around minute four, and then all techno afterwards. Yes to having techno boyfriends/girlfriends
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Chapeau bas Mademoiselle Schneider
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Jest to przepiękny ryjek i podoba mi się dopasowanie planetek!
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Totally parting ways with Bey but I really adore how this photo is shot
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