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I am just one huge ball of lame
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♡ believe in love ♡ | via tumblr
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Elsie Njeri for Vivienne Westwood, F/W 2011
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David Hockney, Caribbean Tea Time, 1987 (on display at Tate Liverpool)
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YSL, menswear a/w 2015, by Fernando Uceda
Let there be love everlasting
And it will live eternally
Will we receive without ever asking?
I'm just curious
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Tout va sauter
Où serons-nous dans un an ?
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At first I was like what’s so great about yik yak but then

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agi & sam AW15
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Karlie Kloss for Dior haute couture, s/s 2010; austere ringmaster vibe reworked by John Galliano is everything, and I am crying at this whole beauty (a new idea for the outfit for graduation)
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  • someone:what's up
  • me:i am not comfortable telling you what is happening in my life, how about you
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Fragment of the Charlie Hebdo attack live coverage at the BBC, from yesterday
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(me using cray was like this, just reversed)
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