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Wolfgang Krolow, A Facade Without a Building, Berlin Kreuzberg, 1970s/1980s
Hello! The song is called Ivory and it's been created by the Australian band Movement. You can find more information about the track itself here. Enjoy and have a nice day!
Filip Springer, Biblioteka Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego (The University of Warsaw Library)
I need to do re-attribution more. The main reason I am posting this, other than it might help someone, is to link you to my friend's blog about depression that is really good and I really hope that the whole collection of content will be of any support to some of you, with my warmest wishes.
I think that every visual person has a thing for knowing how their sex would look from the outside. Despite being very visual, I always thought I don't want to know, firstly because it's unpleasantly porny, and secondly because it wouldn't be really attractive. Now I am perfectly sure I wouldn't like to know, I'm perfectly eager to stick to remembering some details blurry in proxemics (anyway, this video is good, created by Fleur & Manu, guys who worked for Gesaffelstein, but nsfw, just saying!)
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Jenny Holzer, No title, 1979–82
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She owns me, body and soul
Black turtleneck and white nailpolish. God, yes
Allen Jones and Devon Aoki for Pop s/s 2010 by Sean and Seng
What is your ultimate American guilty pleasure?
I take no guilt in my pleasures.
— Stoya for Dazed & Confused's States of Pop Quiz
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I need those!
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I need a have I posted it already? kind of tool
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Awwww, really? Thank you!
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