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Well, the thing is that sometimes you guys seem kind of secretive about what you are doing, as in, we know that there are changes coming our way but we don't know what it is going to be, so people get bored/annoyed, and they aren't particularly supportive. I also think that quite many people picture you as some nerds with too much free time on your hands, as in, the mob says "we want [insert whatever people get hysterical about]" and they expect you to be like, "Oh sure, hey presto!" [the thing they were hysterical about materialises from thin air] (that's what my nerdy friends in IT, tech, and design struggle with at least, a totally flawed perception that the effects in the job like yours don't take time and effort. And, as we can see from questions on NSFW, international laws.)

I'm really happy to be one of the people who do give a shit so, ufff, now I'm really relieved that we managed to get something useful out of my rambling. But yeah, if you ever end up in doubt whether people give a fuck, remember that some of us do, to a great extent; in the end, we throw tantrums in relation to your work! ;)

Anyway, best of luck to you and the team.

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Katsushika Hokusai Electronic Circuit Board

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I'd love to thank you so much for this very detailed and honest comment. Really, I'm extremely grateful, especially that, as your very last sentence showed, we are basically in the same team. 

I do believe that I made three mistakes when writing my note. First, I overreacted heavily. Second, I took a very egoistic stance. Third, I put my whole rambling tirade into rather wrong words. What I was trying to say (but was too annoyed to tone it down, and you conveyed that thought way, way better than me) is that I am annoyed with the system, but the system being the quite ethereal bubble of circumstances that had dictated your solution (or Apple being the Nipple Nazis, if we are into blaming again.) I am irritated more... um, philosophically, if that makes sense? But you can do nothing about it, just hope for more people to be relaxed about the gray area in the future but that's beyond the scope of Soup, obviously.

I do agree, however, that your solution is reasonable, especially from your point of view that has to take the business development into account--and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong about that, and I am totally a cheerleader for you guys, for your development and progress, no matter how many idiotic tantrums I throw. Seriously, I feel sorry now and quite ashamed with myself. I think that my message kind of ended up being "I hate the system, the system being the guys behind Soup." All the shame on wrong wording and lack of clarity is on me. 

I have given it some thought and I think that the way you deal with /everyone is problematic yet understandable, really. And I do see your point with the NSFW button being quite... democratic, in a sense, which is good. I think that the only reason I quite like the gap/pic thing and I'd see it incorporated somehow even for people who are accountless visitors, it's that if we are to cover things, let's do so for everyone. I probably sound paradoxically now, but let me explain on the example.  

A friend in the anecdote mentioned is still soupless but I'm trying to change that on the grounds of how cool Soup is. I'd prefer it that way to coming to him with "Listen, dude, set up a soup account or else you won't be able to block naked bodies in case you want to scroll through my blog during lectures" which is kinda Nazi and against the spirit I believe you and me share, of openness. I do however believe that people setting up accounts with you, regardless of what the reasons behind it are, are good for you in a business sense, so I totally don't blame you if you don't agree with me on the matter. 

My current feelings on the button, other than described above, is that it works ok and prevents gaps/huge red pics that are kind of... aesthetically distracting but when I tried to use it (turned off) I was like "oh, ok, so now I have to kind of keep in mind that I may need to come back to seeing the pretty much same amount of content all over again back at home [or wherever people feel safe to watch nsfw content] to lurk the pics I potentially missed in between." It is kind of annoying and even though I am sure my soup is fantastic, I can understand that not every of my friends/followers may be into multiple scans of the same content and remembering the exact order of the string of info on my account on a current day. What I like about the gap (gap rather the huge pic but again, it's only a personal preference) is that it gives more immediate access to that nsfw content, like, it tells you explicitly "something nipple Nazis may not like is here but you can see this content asap if you're not afraid of them," or at least it helps me remember (maybe it's just me, my memory is kind of visual) that "ok, there was a gap between a link on this and a pic of that, I may want to come back later and revisit this particular space," also, it visually facilitates scrolling for those specific places (as in, colour, colour, colour, GAP, ok, stop here!) So I'd vote for them to stay in one way or another.

Again, thank you kindly for your insightful, clear, and detailed reply. I truly appreciate it.
Thank you for your reply and for your work again @soba! (Also, a shout out to the best type of noodles, sorry it's kind of random atm)

You've put explicitly the suggestions that I addressed implicitly so thank you for that as well. Re: the pic, I want to leave it as a gap, thank you though! The reason is nicely pinpointed in a comment by @elpollodiablo, it is very explicitly "hey look, free boobs!" so I wanted to go for a slightly less explicit option but it's merely a matter of my personal preference. x
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A couple of thoughts on NSFW

Dear Followers,

I'm going to do a small copying of my text from fb so if you happen to be people I know and who are my friends in real life, you don't have to read (you've possibly seen it already.)

Soup has just introduced the NSFW option: you can mark not your whole blog (you can do that, too) but selective content. Is that really helpful or not? 

At first, I was quite happy because I still remember when J contacted me once, over a year ago, to ask if that very option is available because he sometimes scrolls through my soup during boring lectures (naughty) and the presence of naked ladies in my feed is a little bit problematic. J can point out such things because he's the only person to having had scrolled my whole soup, from its start to finish. 


(I do too think it's love.) 

But then I wondered what do we really consider nsfw? I always thought, "well, porn," and my content is sometimes naked bodies. Or in lingerie. Or full-time naked but not in a sultry way, really. So is that nsfw or not, if it's not porny? If for me it isn't, then should I mark it as such for some of my viewers for whom it might be? But would I promote inappropriate scrolling through soup during lectures by trying to guess what the "general nsfw" is, so that people can avoid it and scroll freely? Is it normal that I think that posting nsfw content, whatever that means, is more appropriate than procrastinating a lecture?

Btw, interestingly, Soup have spoken on the matter themselves: ". . . we need to know what stuff is NSFW so we can appeal to a larger audience, enable people to surf soup at work (teeheeheehee) and I think the deciding factor, to enable us to release a reading app on iPhone. Apple are effing Nipple Nazis. And so they are the ones who define what is and is not NSFW on Soup. . ."

And now an add-on to this fb content. I am really mad, really, which the song from Justin Timberlake helped me realise after I went for a walk with his newest album on. 

Gimme what I don't know I want. When people come to this blog, I assume that, by putting "y" in a browser and quietly accepting that I come up before YouTube (success!), we intellectually sign a pact that you embrace everything that I post, knowing and accepting that yes, it can be lingerie or some other appreciation of bodies (that, frankly, I hardly ever perceive as sexual but ok, everyone's interpretation can be left open), or even some less or more direct references to sex because hey, I am a dynamic adult individual who likes bodies, colourful fashion, books, music, sex, glitter, poor dry jokes, crying, chocolate, and Justin Timberlake, I am a dynamic adult individual and the majority of you are too, and we are cool about that. However, I don't want to be put in a nsfw box by putting this sign all over my blog because--if we limit ourselves to my understanding of nsfw, i.e. porn--my soup is not a blog that is even primarily about porn, not to mention it being "a porn blog." It is a blog with some naked bodies. I don't perceive it as nsfw and I don't want to put that sign on me. Fucking modern useless scarlet letter. Fucking to define is to limit. It would kill the dynamic nature of what I try to convey with this blog, of on-going dynamic nature of mine.

At the same time, I hate that option with the new selective nsfw even if I decide to conform to it which I probably will for the sake of not being marked as nsfw altogether. The way this selective nsfw works is so patronising, not only for me by definition, but also to you. How could I be so decisive that naaah, unlogged soup bae, you're not gonna see that content because you don't have the access to the "show/don't show NSFW" button? So I am playing with the option suggested by the fantastic @soba (thank you so much!) where the content tagged in soup as nsfw appears as a gap. I want you to know it's there so that you can make a truly informed choice in real time, as you scroll, whether you want to see something or not.

And you can imagine that I can actually want you to see everything I post because I posted it as it struck something in me, and I like sharing things that resonate in me. 

Also, peekaboo's are the best, we all know that.

I am sorry that this message is so long and emotional but I feel quite uneasy and in some way limited, to an extent that it crossed my mind for the first time in... a long time that it's this moment when I should move to tumblr explicitly and officially. It's a bad and sad thought. At some level I am disappointed.

Anyway, let me know if everything works and I will be more careful with tagging my posts now. I'll try at a minimum to get everything "nasty" tagged soon, at least from the tags underwear and women, yes, those porn tags.

Lots of love, 
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Detail at Samantha Pleet s/s 2015 by Amanda Jas
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I think it's time to watch it again
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Malika Favre's cover illustration for the Criterion collection's release of Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down by Pedro Almodóvar.
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I prefer the way she says abricot, probably because I don't drink le vin rouge at all...
Beautiful design from Sound Pellegrino
The head of Amnesty International Poland, Draginja Nadaždin, was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit (one of the highest Polish civil state awards) today
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The Missionary Position + Mother Teresa is too easy to be really funny but it's Theory and Practice that makes this title and cover
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