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French street artist Etienne Lavie steals outdoor advertisements and replaces them with works of art [x]

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Rahel Weiss (that bra, achingly brilliant, Scheherazade made real)
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Yulia Kondranina, s/s 2015
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The Miu Age, photographed by Ben Toms for Dazed & Confused, August 2013 (it looks like an elegant fungus. Rotting made aesthetic, next step: enjoying death)
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Filine Fink for WhiteLies Magazine
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Issey Miyake, s/s 2015
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How to tell that the day was bad? To take my mind off of my problems, I am considering which of my friends has a bathtub that I could use to have a bath I'd cry in. As a measure of how bad a place I am in is: the only answer I can think of is my ex-partner
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Une capsule myhtologique, photographed by François Coquerel for Irène Magazine
”This Side of the Blue”. Photographed by Yelena Yemchuk for Lula Spring/Summer 2009
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The Geffrye Museum, London
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Farhi, E., Gosset, D., Hassidim, A., Lutomirski, A., & Shor, P. Quantum money from knots. In Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science, 2012 (this paper indeed puts innovations to the whole new level).
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katowice po nocy .
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