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Guy Bourdin for Vogue, June 1986 (that's what I call having a beach body)
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Charles Jourdan by Guy Bourdin, fall 1977
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This one, though, is my most favourite video on pronunciation (am I hot? Am I? Do I look hot? Tell me I'm hot)
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Fausto Puglisi
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Sophie Marceau by Mario Testino for the upcoming issue of Vogue Paris. Quite a charming, simple cover
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The happiest of birthdays, Monsieur Nabokov (you who is the most important of authors to me)
Daft Punk's essential mix from 17 years ago is so freaking brilliant
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A truly fantastic set!
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Good-looking Mika is a good pianist, too (in case you doubted it)
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Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Solange at Coachella by Robin Harper
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Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace demolished in 2002
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Abbey Lee Kershaw by Emma Summerton for i-D, 2010
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“Delineator” Easter fashion issue, 1920. Happy Easter (even though pretty delayed)!
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