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If you get a result which is a complete opposite of your prediction, it must be right. It is a fact. There is no personal bias, no purposeful tweaking with outliers.
— Professor David Nutt during a lecture today at the London Students' Neuroscience Conference
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Flirting GPOY
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Abandoned autopsy theater, St. Elizabeth's Hospital Washington, D.C., Christopher Payne, 2005
Shoes aside, newest Balman is really extremely successful
Male body covered in glitter, squee
But the dream becomes a dream
And so I lose
That the girl I love was never you
C'mon baby
See what you become instead and I punish you in my head
— Junior Boys, C'mon Baby
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First ever photo of Miss Kittin behind the decks by Andrew Claristidge, 1994. Fringe power always strong with Kittin
Cuteness overflow
Noise Tales are big fans of the so called "ONOMATOPOEIA" from the Batman TV series in this one GIF. Via Nerdcore
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Warm house is always good
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Carrie Fisher


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“A lot of people were at the Ziggy farewell dinner at the Cafe Royal in Piccadilly, after David's gig at the Hammersmith Odeon – Lou Reed, David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Everybody was so young and pretty. And this is the height of the glam season, summer of 73 , so they're all wearing black nail varnish. Ziggy Stardust has said farewell and this was some kind of Roman bacchanalia to celebrate. It was a very cuddly evening and late in the night I found David sitting on Mick Jagger's knee. I didn't hear what they were saying, they were whispering so low, but it looks pretty intimate." – Mick Rock on Café Royal in 1973, AnOther Magazine A/W 04

[what a horrible start of the year, I thought that lacking emotional reciprocity is the worst that can happen but apparently not]
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