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You look is so pretty pretty that it's actually punk
I moved out on the same day as the 60th anniversary of the Lolita first release. Coincidence? Yes, complete, but an amusing one 
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Amilna Estevão photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, W Magazine September 2015

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This mix is everything
I would like to emphasise that I do not endorse this practice. I liked the video because it did not want to present bdsm as something people can get pleasure from rather than a completely abnormal form of sexual activity. Thank you again for your link and for your quotes, they address problems with choking perfectly.
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Hi, thank you for your detailed comment. I appreciate your concern and I believe that choking is a complex procedure and not something that you should start your "bdsm adventure" with. I also appreciate that you emphasised the matter of negotiation.

Still, I beg to differ regarding deleting the video. It probably is the state of the "field" (however we call it) but there are very limited resources on the internet regarding a start to bdsm, and this one is still one in some ways slightly better than others because it doesn't demonise the practice and is aesthetically pleasing (that is what I meant by "cutes," a way drawings are done). 

Also, I believe that given that this video is marked as NSFW and my NSFWs are additionally blanked unless you purposefully hover over them, the only people who look at the video are adults who will be able to go into the practice keeping both the video and your cautionary words in mind. 

I mean, I do not intend to belittle your words (please, please, don't get offended!) by putting myself in the position of a black swan to your argument with a classic "I've been choked in my life and I am doing very well!" but... I have participated in choking, yes, and I think it is an acceptable practice. However, I have done it only with a very experienced partner whom I have known quite well sexually by the time choking came into play, and with whom we established very clearly a time when I was comfortable participating in choking. Also, we only did that as part of our making out, not the general sex act in order to minimise the danger of him doing something wrong/dangerous in the spur of the moment, and our sex was followed by a conversation on how both sides are doing, and checking out for any bruises, marks, unpleasant sensations, and any other dangerous signals of anything wrong. Bottom line: I think that the video brought choking because it is a common thing people think of when they think of bdsm but the mistake was that the video might have given an impression that choking is a good starter while, as you said, it totally is not. Where we differ, is that I think it is ok but only with multiple precautionary measures. It totally is not a practice I go and would go for often, also not something I would highly recommend to people. Please be safe, please communicate with your partner before, during, and after sex, and maybe think of less risky alternatives to choking.
Cutes! (weird to say so about bdsm but anyway. Also, a huge thank you for a comment emphasising the dangers of choking. Choking is dangerous, totally not a starter and possibly not a practice you should go for either. Be safe and always discuss things with your partner. [Also, no joke, with your doctor as well, I believe])
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Weekend Karlie Kloss
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It's been the worst summer in my life (pun unintended) but it reminded me that I am surrounded by a great, supportive network of people and often my pain coexisted with the warmth of feeling loved and cared for
Falling Garden, installation by Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger created for 2003 Venice Biennale (fragment)
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Love me better, kiss me back, listen more
— Childish Gambino, II. shadows
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