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Also, about this porn joke... I'm somewhere in between genuine amusement, oh, so Miss Adler taught you well, and wondering if he says that jokingly or not, in which case... Rude, Sherlock! 
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And at that moment we all were J. (even though I knew he was with her just for the sake of human error from the very start. Anyone wondering if they slept together?)
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His hair. God Almighty
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Can we take time to discuss this moment? As much as I was very indifferent to the first episode of Sherlock and didn't like it (except for gay jokes), my heart cried with melancholic happiness at this minute (in an anyway good episode), and it still makes me very... soft and quiet. I loved Irene as a perfect character; racily and sassily played by Pulver, perfect but not boringly beautiful, and yes, the fact that she was a bisexual dominatrix is a playful touch. My heart is still hers and, as much as I'm not into fandom shipping, it goes towards that couple. And now we know he loves her, he really does. Filthy fandom focuses on how she is clotheless in his head but I actually think it is a perfect touch (not only because my inner lesbian says so) but rather, same with the first scene she'd been naked in his presence; she would be filthier fully dressed. Same here, her clothes would get the attention away from the fact that it is only her eyes and her finger he pays attention to, not the rest of her body (also, cheekbone joke, also, back to dreams of her perfect, opulent, minimalist, whoreish nail art) Intelligent men fall for intelligent women only? (not in real life, and I am almost as sad as Sherlock)

"The...the Cumbercollective."

Graham: "No, they're not!"


 Yeah, that was me like a week ago when I still felt I can write that essay. Now I doubt it which is very very bad. #casuallyattendinguniversity #gotounitheysaiditwillbefuntheysaid #andalotofgirlsinyourbed #wherearethesegirlsmayiask
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All Ada's got to say is: oh God, yes, oh, yeah
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