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Berlin, 2013 - 国勇 (Jorel Chan)
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Favourite place of the year: Berlin. My laptop is still in Germany so I cannot retrieve something even more specific, i.e. my personal photos from my Berlin favourite, Bauhaus Archiv, but let's bless this place that is like Warsaw, but cooler, like London, but simpler, like Paris, but more relaxed, and maybe less dandy than the two others, but, in a sense, more genuine but playing it as sassily as possible (picture: my room in Charlottenburg that was cheap but lovely, my little kitschy Versailles with dark chocolate and the most perfect Turkish restaurant I've ever been to next door)
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Maxime Ballesteros, Nylon gradient, Berlin, 2012
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What baby can baby I baby do baby love baby you baby come baby do baby me ♫♪
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From Nina Kraviz, Berlin
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East Berlin by Matthias Heiderich
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Alvaro Siza, Corner Building Falckensteinstrasse, Berlin, 1983 (author of the graffiti remains unknown)
Poster, Berlin, September 1976
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Row houses at Schorlemerallee from Wassili and Hans Luckhardt, & Alfons Anker, Berlin, 1928
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Barna von Sartory & Peter de Loungeville, Play Box, Berlin, 1979
FC Gundlach, Berlin, 1960s
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Wooden reliefs for Sommerfeld House in Berlin, designed by Walter Gropius, 1920-1921
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