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Kiss Me, I’m Delicious" — photographed by Harley Weir, styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois for i-D Magazine
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Nicole Merry by Rankin for Dazed & Confused, 1996
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Kate Moss at her wedding, with father Peter Moss and daughter Lila
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Elsie Njeri for Vivienne Westwood, F/W 2011
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David Hockney, Caribbean Tea Time, 1987 (on display at Tate Liverpool)
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Neil Barrett, s/s 2014
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Happy birthday, Heart of Glass!
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Naomi Campbell by Ellen von Unwerth for Agent Provocateur s/s 2015. Fantastically fierce
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Naomi Campbell and Vivienne Westwood, 1993
Book of the year: Roald Dahl, Kiss, Kiss. Damn, this year was really not bad when it comes to books! I've enjoyed pretty much everything that I've read this year, and even though it wasn't 75 books as intended (less than 30), most of them were long and demanding, and I really enjoyed every single one, some more, some less, but no dislikes. Dahl has won in the end because of his references to neuroscience (sic! brain preservation and sensory perception), kinky winks (sadism, domination, and fetishism), and the noir vibe. Delish! (imagine I'm licking my rouged lips now)
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Song of the year: Love (Dub) by Fort Romeau. I know that I am a year late (this track is from 2013) but I only appreciated Fort Romeau this year after seeing him perform live. It was a set of the year which made me really happy and relaxed, and I realised that I love FR not because he is oh-so-cool (I am aware that his music isn't anything groundbreaking or breathtaking, really) but because he loves what he is doing, his mixing is truly seamless, and if you were starting to get all sceptical regarding whether something like warm, sexy deep house exists and isn't just a pompous ad catchphrase... No, it isn't. He plays that. And then some classics, an hour over the intended set finish time, because he enjoys himself. And the memory of this constantly helps me restore my faith in humanity that got so restrained over this terrible year. With him in front of me, doing the exact facial and hand impressions that I do in the quiet of my house because I am afraid of being mocked, but him doing them in front of the whole crowd, such as getting all excited because the track drops in 1, 2, 3... There is cuteness in this world, there is warmth, there is love, and there is happiness (and warm deep house.)
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