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Mathieu César, Digital Love featuring Daft Punk and Milla Jovovich in Hedi Slimane for (ugh) Saint Laurent
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Daft Durex
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This video makes me really very happy because everyone is there: Gaspard, Mehdi, Busy P, and, most importantly, Thomas who combines my two most favourite bangers (and by bangers I mean tracks that give me very primitive, very physical pleasure based on the vibration that goes into painful tingling in the inner of my ear, and it goes on teasingly, up and down, up and down which is very close to another type of tingling). Also, Mehdi's smile (!), Gaspard's tee (after all these years, I still want it), Pedro's vodka, Thomas' headphones, and his DP in between Genesis
DAFT PUNK IS OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE. I am stil not done with listening to the whole of it and I do not really feel like touching sacrum (yet), but I feel very old now
These guys are so French I want to force-feed them and cut out their livers. Young moderns who've made the Detroit-Berlin adjustment may find their squelchy synth sounds humanistic; young moderns whose asses sport parallel ports may dance till they crash. But Yank fun is much less spirituel, so that God bless America, "One More Time" is merely an annoying novelty stateside. The way our butts plug in, there are better beats on the damn Jadakiss CD. C PLUS
— Robert Chistgau on Daft Punk's Discovery, November 2001
Daft Punk on the cover of Mixmag, August 1997
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#gettingannoyedwithdaftpunkbutnotpharrell #teamwilliams #cutenessoverflow #youthfulfacesdevotedtomusic #turnedon
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