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Horrors and Bowie is a good mix, too
David Bowie's eyeliner look is as lovely as mine will never ever be
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Happy birthday (other than my wishes, that's what I really do)
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David Bowie in Paris, 1977
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David Bowie, Marion Cotillard, and Gary Oldman, via GQ France (she really makes me think of Bat for Lashes' Pearl in the ending, probably because of huge eyes and fake drops)
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Marion Cotillard in David Bowie’s video for The Next Day (of course, I needed this single photo of her [and looking at it for a few minutes] to finally understand why she made me so happy in this video: pretty, yup, but also her crazy Versailles-y hair)

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Priests and whores
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Kate Moss & David Bowie by Ellen von Unwerth for Q, October 2003
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