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A fantastic 2013 set from Holden (ignore the terrible background photo)
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Album of the year: James Holden's The Inheritors (here: backcover.) I could put it as a honourable mention if I wanted even if it was 4'33 Deluxe Long Mix. But it wasn't and it was much more than this. Blackpool Late Eighties makes my synaesthesia go into glitter and calmness so thank you for a few nights that saved my spirit by activating the feeling James
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It is sentimental
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Intro to Holden's set at Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, June last year. This set is a beautiful thing
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Neuroscience, maths, electronic music, Holden. Wow wow wow. My love is eternal
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James Holden's 10 favourite items in the studio. This shows that Holden, in my opinion one of the greatest British DJs, Oxford alumnus (Maths!) is also a sweet, cute guy who needs plenty of toys, most importantly a giant Hamtaro, to record. Forever top of my Future Husband list.
James Holden, yeah.
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Trzeba sobie zrobić Wielki Powrót Jamesa.
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