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Revision? Exams coming? Oh...
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(HANDS DOWN, this is the cutest, coolest, and such a sexy bromance)
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(I wonder what kind of parent Julian Casablancas will be...)
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Deadbeat summer #1: random music. There were no new obsessive loves (Yeasayer is one of the bands of my life so different category) but at least a very successful comeback. Thank you, QOTSA, for the opportunity to dance and do a few other stupid things with you.

Q: Who are you listening to? Who do you like, especially among emerging artists?

J: The musicians that I respect the most are probably the guys from Dirty Projectors and the guys from Arctic Monkeys
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How much thought goes into what you’re going to wear on stage and in videos?

I used to never really think about clothing that much until I got into a band. As a fan, you’re always looking at everything right down to the shoelaces. When you know it can affect a fan’s enjoyment, you kind of have to think about it. [...]

You recently became a father [to a son named Cal], do you dress him in skinny jeans?

Ha, that would be too much of a pain in the ass. [...]

Who do you dress for?
I think everyone in society dresses for girls. 
— Julian Casablancas in an interview for ASOS.com, May 2010
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Are you satisfied with what you’re doing at the moment? “No way,” he concludes. “Hell, no, baby. People might think it’s perfect right now, but next week, they’re going to want to hear something else. I want to provide that something else.
— Julian Casablancas in an interview for NME, May 2001. Notice it is the beginning of Strokes' career blasting like a fucking supernova, but still before the release of Is This It. Reading the article again made it clear to me why I come back to The Strokes so often even now, I'm like those people in LCD Soundsystem's track, with their nostalgia for unremembered eighties, I've got the nostalgia for not lived 00's (indicated by the fragment on girls shouting deliriously), I always feel sorry I didn't have a chance to experience that, and to see the guys when they used to be sexy and pretty (and boys, not men)
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