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What a poor fille électronique I am (I took a Mixmag test once. I'm the closest to choosy young parisiens who smoke so much their voice at the age of 25 is pretty much Casablancas. Well, I don't smoke at all but zer iz an interezt in a veri specifique type of electronique muzic in my case)! I've totally forgotten to mention that lady. Stupid, really. (But I was going to avoid techno and Silesia. Ha, nope.) 

A problem with Polish electronic scene is that it is really massive (hey catz'n'dogz mentioned by Skream as one of top bang[i]ers of the year) but, every time something good emerges, it is automatically treated as oh my my, so good and Polish? As if these two features were mutually exclusive. Similarly, Zamilska's video is treated as very bizarre and exotic because it is not what people are used to (in Poland? Videos? To electronic music that is not electropop?) and the video doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

That's pretty much why I love it. It is like a fashion shot but in motion. I addressed the concept of videos that are beautiful but don't make sense years (literally) ago but I don't even remember the video that I'd used at the time. Was it Memoryhouse? One of the videos full of light and glitter. I don't remember any details (because lack of sense) but I have a very vivid recognition of an emotional reaction the only one frame I can picture now had evoked. That's pretty much how fashion (or, to be precise, fashion shots) works for me. It is absolutely useless and doesn't make sense because being a slave to the detail doesn't make sense in real life and, actually, doesn't even work with ordinary perception. Motion kills it, kills an opportunity to focus. Focus would enable finding that one detail that could be relived... funny enough, not like a picture, but like a gif, perfect mere seconds, over and over again. Or, if there are some candidates, motion doesn't leave enough space for reliving. Zamilska understands the concept of motion without motion, motion limiting motion, motion ensuring there is not too much motion, and fashion photography understands it, too, but the paradoxical touches are always funnier. 
Radosław Kaźmierczak, Muzeum Śląskie, Katowice
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Katowice, around Off (and I am jealous now because I've been there exactly around the time, and I've been planning taking a photo, too, but I've forgotten)
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Vladislav Delay's live DJ set from TNM in Katowice (jealousy and thoughts that maybe it would have been better if I had gone for Tauron, not Off, or at least Talabot and not the hotel [I still miss kebab at two a.m.])
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Zenit, Katowice (or rather „Zenit”), 2012

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Milenium cinema neon, Katowice, via Neon Muzeum, Warsaw
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My Bloody Valentine by Tom Spray for Pitchfork, Off Festival 2013, Katowice, Poland
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Goat by Tom Spray for Pitchfork, Off Festival 2013, Katowice, Poland
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Goat by Tom Spray for Pitchfork, Off Festival 2013, Katowice, Poland
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Nikiszowiec, Katowice
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Pokoju 14a, Katowice (terrible places, pretty photos)
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My last look at Katowice, August
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Katowice in colour
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