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My last look at Katowice, August
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Deadbeat summer #7: a lot of time spent at Korfantego. Great walking point and I'm in love with the sound trams make (yes, it's time for the streetcar named desire reference! But it was really Godard-esque, the first summer stay, in May, one of the most lonesome yet comforting visits I've made to any city)
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Warszawska, Katowice (what I liked immediately was that contrast between ugly and dark, and renewed and light, a bit sad and a bit fascinating moment of katowicing)
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Warszawska, supposedly the ugliest street in Katowice (is it really?)
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Remembrance of the times passed: all the stuff I brought from this year's Off Festival in Katowice. I've been to Connan Mockasin (he & the band rock, and not only because they signed & left me the name of one of the guy's other band. I guess the matter has a lot to do with them being a cuteness overflow), I had two festival bands even though I hadn't lived in a tent (silly of me but gave me an oh-so-naughty opportunity to savour Kato at night [alone! Thank you for this, my dear karma]), went on a trip around the Kato centre (Le Corbusier was a bright guy, go check his clear & inspiring assumptions on architecture), got some cool leaflets on design/with amazing typo (yay, people who do things for Ars Cameralis Festival, it's always class.) & I do really have blue headphones (& I like parentheses & ampersands.)
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Hotel Katowice where I landed for the second time. No, it's not pretty but the staff is really nice
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(Everybody says Katowice lacked colour but it seems only partially true. Kato, Warszawska)
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Reflection in the glass upper part of DH Ślązak, Mickiewicza, Katowice
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