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Abbey Lee Kershaw & Jean Cocteau by Kuba Dąbrowski, Paris, 2011
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Kuba Dąbrowski, Warsaw, 2011
Jason Schwartzman by Kuba Dąbrowski for WWD, 2011
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Kuba Dąbrowski, Gdańsk, marzec 2012 (jestem apolityczna, no, z delikatnymi sympatiami lewackimi, ale bardzo podoba mi się kompozycja tego zdjęcia)
Dan Deacon by Kuba Dąbrowski, Off Festival, Katowice, Poland
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It's pretty hard to explain this one, George Costanza put it best: it's a show about nothing. It's about drinking coke, listening to records, watching snow falling and being somewhat over-romantic
— Kuba Dąbrowski on his photography collection "Drinking a Coke With You"
Tiny Vipers by Kuba Dąbrowski.
Street art by Kuba Dąbrowski.
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