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Mariacarla Boscono by Mert and Markus, LOVE #6, 2011
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Nina Kraviz, non-sexual (oh whatever, look at her cheekbones, I would hurt myself)
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Chocolate vinyl by Breakbot from Ed Banger #buymemum
Kate Moss by Tim Walker for LOVE#9
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Kate Moss by Tim Walker for LOVE#9
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Kate Moss by Tim Walker for LOVE Magazine. The session is supposed to be a tribute to Pre-Raphaelites which is absolutely amazing but I kind of miss that dreamy, surreal vibe of his other works (maybe because I am hopefully in love with it)
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Nina Kraviz, Belfast DJ set, November 2012
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Kamp! by Borys Bodetko (love love love)
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November, my month! After all these years!
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Amazing female counterpart to Richie Hawtin (or, My Dream Girlfriend)
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James Holden's 10 favourite items in the studio. This shows that Holden, in my opinion one of the greatest British DJs, Oxford alumnus (Maths!) is also a sweet, cute guy who needs plenty of toys, most importantly a giant Hamtaro, to record. Forever top of my Future Husband list.
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Like always in case of Natasha's music, I am like Isn't it a bit too overemotional? but my heart replies more than gladly No, it isn't.
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Sometimes I wish there were people recognising the amazing potential of Yeasayer as creators of the greatest love songs in the last five years
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Lad Musician fall/winter 2011. The first guy is my new favourite model. Jaco van den Hoven seems a perfect mix of Britishness in looks (even though he comes from Amsterdam but he resembles Jonathan Rhys Meyers sometimes), flawless body (he even smiles beautifully and does not open his mouth in that mundane manner as much as other models do), dandy feeling and he even has a great music taste (Richie Hawtin, James Holden and Junior Boys!). Man of my dreams or something
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