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Backstage at Prada f/w 2014 by Lea Colombo (like I've said, digging it)
The main characters in the finale of Sherlock: the white shirt of sex (at some point in my life I will stop falling for pale skinny men with white shirts and in black suits. Judging by the fact seeing it resulted just in a perfect click in my mind with a delicious surge of simultaneous scarlet turn on, it isn't happening any time soon) and Sherlock's hair in the flow generated by planes and helicopters (also bonus points for Prada in Sherlock's mind palace and kind of minus points for a rather non-psychological way of picturing the concept of a mind palace per se.)

No, wait, more bonus points for Prada taking into account what Miuccia did with menswear yesterday. Totally #teamprada. Also, team Italian haute turned porn. And team weird dandy material that is not a parshmina (thank God, I hate it when men wear parshminas.) Hope anyone enjoyed the whole show on the BoF, I found about it too late (sadly.)

Anyway, Sherlock. See you in two years, Mr Holmes. Have fun, dress fab. By the way, I've just recalled one fact that can pin this whole babbling together: there is a constant Italian/British couture fight for those who pay enough attention. The other shirt of sex, purple, is a discontinued Dolce&Gabbana.  So yes, looking forward to more Westwood versus... je ne sais pas, you name it. BBC, if you ever get up to here (you won't; it's not tumblr): more Prada. More Adler in Alexander McQueen (and Alexander Wang, I know he's American, bleh, but the gown you'd got her was perfect, yeah? Let's have dinner?) Less Molly in worst Topshop possible. More Prada. More Irene. Thanks. 
Fashion of the year (III): Prada (here summer 2014). They get plenty of points for that collection, for current women f/w 2013 (Malaika Firth + women as beautiful as femmes fatales but with a touch of whorishness and hysterical when made talking. Tragic, and nasty, and hot), for the Prada Candy campaign this year, and for their beautiful bags. Anyway, don't get me wrong, I'd move to Milan at some point in my life but only to do something in fashion industry, specifically for this fashion house (A. says, But you remember this place is shit? It genuinely is, believe me, smokes his very forbidden cigarette, with the whole pack of pleasure on his windowsill, and offers me both his smoke and his coffee. Sorry to be outside, I'm very cold in my very stylish dress and tights so I stick to his mug. The coffee isn't cheap but is badly made. But he doesn't care, happy to know the term is almost over, his mind is sharp enough to make a good excuse as to why he'd missed lectures and final tutorials of term, an excuse better than Christmas, his body could probably get him any girl in town, and he's leaving said town to see his family. He uses fucking a lot and criticises Italy, ugly Polish guys, the touristic aspect of Cracow, tiresome tutorial readings, and British weather with some thoughtful pleasure. It's beside him, he's coming home for Christmas. My attitude to the universe is different so I follow his mind with some kind of slight dislike and a lot of amusement, and I appreciate his body aesthetically, again with amusement [because I know what he knows but I'm not going to get caught], without any sexual touch to it. He wishes me luck with my essay and suggests I should get together with my boyfriend again if he's good-looking. Such a rare quality in Polish guys! I laugh, warm with genuine amusement and poor coffee)
Ezra Miller for Prada fall/winter 2013
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I really like her look and the French r in English is adorkable
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Prada, fall 1998
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Backstage at Prada, Milan Fashion Week, photographed by Alfredo Piola
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0224 19ff
Malaika Firth for Prada F/W 2013 (such a babe! I have no idea why she hasn't been on this blog yet, but it's a shame)
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David James for Prada, 1998
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Christoph Waltz, Ben Whishaw and Ezra Miller.
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Prada make up
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