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From the website of CellAppetite and body weight are regulated by hypothalamic orexigenic [increasing appetite] gRP and anorexigenic [inhibiting appetite] POMC neurons. In this issue, two papers by Dietrich et al. (pp. 188–199) and Schneeberger et al. (pp. 172–187) show that mitochondrial dynamics and mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum interactions in these populations of neurons play key roles in the central regulation of whole-body energy balance. The cover features a surrealism-pop interpretation of these intricate metabolic processes by illustrator Albert Cano.
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Scientists study the effects of light on plant life cycles in Beltsville, Maryland, August 1953
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Astrocyt (za: Kalat J., Biologiczne podstawy psychologii); pierwsze skojarzenie - La danse H. Matisse'a (Ada: bardzo fajne skojarzenie, ale trochę się krzywię na sformułowanie "dostarczający synapsę". Chodzi o wydzielanie neuroprzekaźników?)
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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex by Drs. Willy, Vander and Fisher (fragment), Cadillac Publishing Company, 1953 (twenty-seventh printing). One of my interests is old books. One of my mindless guilty pleasures within that are outdated (or not so much...) biological (mostly) textbooks. Genetics in the period of the battle between biometricians and the Mendelians, that's my thing lately
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Neuropathology is so cool (yes, I do find plenty of organs bleh and cannot witness the section but not brains. I cannot explain it, sorry) 
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Heart tendons, photographed post-mortem. There's no love, there is just science (which is, basically, the same thing)
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Sand under a 250x microscope
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