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Male body covered in glitter, squee
Poppy Okotcha, Wonderland Magazine
Happy 63rd birthday Christian Lacroix! (photo by Paolo Roversi)
Jodie Smith by Zoren Gold & Minori, 2012
Tamara Lichtenstein, Houston, 2013 (we are golden; new update to the physical ideal I want to represent: redheaded, pale, wearing laces, and covered in glitter)
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Tim Walker, future furniture
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The new album is out May, 5th, and the Horrors have established an official tumblr. Curio.
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Valentino, fall 2013
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Cover of the year: bEEdEEgEE, SUM/ONE (the cover is breathtakingly beautiful, the content is only relaxing, Brian's home band, Gang Gang Dance, is still the most important)
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Tags: glitter decor
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Arcade Fire by JF Lalonde
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