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Finally watched it. It's funny when watched by a fairly relaxed bisexual girl, a 95% straight girl, and her bf who knows (and doesn't really care about) the other 5%. At the same time, there was only one moment that saddened me or gave me any emotion (and no, that wasn't sex); when there is a definite no love, infinite tenderness moment. We've been there, minus sex. It's really interesting but also a little bit distressful to see it outside, and depicted really quite realistically. It doesn't matter but leaves some aftertaste
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Poster by Hyphen, 2013
Poster for the Otomo Yoshihide Ensembles by Tokyo Pistol, 2010
Poster of the Tokyo Fashion Week, October 2013, designed by Rikako Nagashima
The poster for an ikebana exhibition by Ryo Kuwabara, 2013
Poster for Zone Night, Paris, November 2013
The poster for The Peacock Society, July 2013, Parc Floral de Paris
Opera posters projects by Maja Karina Rozbicka
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6273 0340 500
October will be pretty
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Ryszard Kaja, Katowice
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Sweet little photo from @beo. Warsaw, Poland. Anyone to accompany me?
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