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Wasted Rita did it right (I seriously failed at lists, yay moi)
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Tool of the year: LaTeX. Not many people know this (soup totally doesn't tell you...) but I am a tiny little bit of a typography freak, and hence getting to know LaTeX, a high-quality document environment with really lovely (complex, but lovely) typography settings was a dream. Also, it helped me channel my writing anxieties and limit blocks. Like, you feel good about writing things and it limits your panic that these things are actually shitty at the level of essence because they look perfectly nicely at the level of fonts, and you want more of that prettiness. Then you come back to your writing and just edit, removing boring sentences from the classy ones. But altogether, you get the good out there in the first attempt. And it's really professionally-looking. An ultimate pleasure for people who like coding, typography freaks, and wannabe academics. #thefrontofditchingmicrosoftword
[and use it with Share LaTeX, if you need to teach yourself to the LaTeX syntax, files recompile quickly, and the summary that the staff offers on editing is really useful]
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