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While standing, the lines of the belt, garter straps, and stocking tops frame one of the curviest parts of a body in an aesthetically gorgeous way. When horizontal, they become a nylon-and-lace, full-body Chinese finger trap. Which actually sounds pretty awesome if you or your partner(s) are into light bondage...
— Stoya for Nylon on stockings with a garter belt
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Naomi Campbell by Ellen von Unwerth for Agent Provocateur s/s 2015. Fantastically fierce
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Agent Provocateur's Birthday Suit Suspender. Lord have mercy on me, unf
Fashion of the year (II): Karolina Laskowska. The funny thing with Ms Laskowska is that she is a Polish lady who lives in London, she's very niche and has pretty much just started her postgrad life, and her ad catchphrase, kinky sexy pants of joy, describes her work perfectly. I've never thought I may dream of soft cup bras (I have this obsession with my boobs not looking good in anything not underwired) with winks to kink (bondage-y straps? who do you think I am, a closeted latex admirer?) Actually, her work is all that, kinky and sexy, but the winks in particular are brilliant; see especially the kimono silk collection, where the real high quality vintage silk gets combined with straps into e.g. harnesses, which basically gives you a girly, sfw-ish take at Nobuyoshi Araki without you having to suffer from not ever being able to meet him in real life, or being sad that you cannot do shibari yourself. How cool is that? Veeery cool
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Let's not overinterpret this photo, shall we; I just like how it has this overall symmetry with those tiny little asymmetries. The usual day on my blog, with its lesbian porn (thanks for being sweet and subtle, J)
Paul Maffi for CR Fashion Book
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