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I really want her yellow coat
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Let's at least die gracefully
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It's so sunny and I am stuck with my dissertation I am clearly and painfully failing (and now, that it's over, I'll never be sober)
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I should not be chilling and I am not but Devendra and assam tea make it better and less stressful
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Let there be love everlasting
And it will live eternally
Will we receive without ever asking?
I'm just curious
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Tout va sauter
Où serons-nous dans un an ?
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Patriotically shaking my derrière
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I wish you that this year is elegant and never tiring, and that you are happier than for the last 365 days. Happy new year!
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This ad makes me way happier than it should. Everybody knows that Tom Ford likes to go all controversial (which I don't mind at all) and I constantly go grumpy about his styleless styles for women but this ad... All that gender bending, golden eyeshadow, and biting!  As a biter, I have to say that this ad fills my heart with a touch of really yummy filthiness, yum yum
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This track is so sexy that it permeates the world and now even I feel sexy even though I'm an ugly nerd
Crush of the year: Francesco Tristano. Watch this and fall in love, basically. In a bonus, both his techno and his interpretations of the classical music were strong this year which was great.
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Track of the year, honourable mention: Brassica featuring Stuart Warwick, Dance. A perfect example of disco sadness.
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Song of the year: Love (Dub) by Fort Romeau. I know that I am a year late (this track is from 2013) but I only appreciated Fort Romeau this year after seeing him perform live. It was a set of the year which made me really happy and relaxed, and I realised that I love FR not because he is oh-so-cool (I am aware that his music isn't anything groundbreaking or breathtaking, really) but because he loves what he is doing, his mixing is truly seamless, and if you were starting to get all sceptical regarding whether something like warm, sexy deep house exists and isn't just a pompous ad catchphrase... No, it isn't. He plays that. And then some classics, an hour over the intended set finish time, because he enjoys himself. And the memory of this constantly helps me restore my faith in humanity that got so restrained over this terrible year. With him in front of me, doing the exact facial and hand impressions that I do in the quiet of my house because I am afraid of being mocked, but him doing them in front of the whole crowd, such as getting all excited because the track drops in 1, 2, 3... There is cuteness in this world, there is warmth, there is love, and there is happiness (and warm deep house.)
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The only advantage of today seems to be the new track of my future husband. This is how love should sound like, banging like the track up till minute four, make your heart all emotional like the piano around minute four, and then all techno afterwards. Yes to having techno boyfriends/girlfriends
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