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Conchita Wurst by Ellen von Unwerth (fantastic!)
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Model of the year: Karlie Kloss. I know she's a baking lover who is also a Victoria's Secret Angel but she also teaches herself to code and is a very talented model (KK by Nico for Elle France, December 2014)
Let's not overinterpret this photo, shall we; I just like how it has this overall symmetry with those tiny little asymmetries. The usual day on my blog, with its lesbian porn (thanks for being sweet and subtle, J)
Filine Fink for WhiteLies Magazine
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I have no idea why but this outfit makes me think about Hogwarts a lot (emblem? hat? oversized jacket?) and I so totally want to try pull it (maybe with shorts, tho); Olympia Le-Tan, s/s 2015
Lanvin s/s 2015; I dig the colours, the Asian vibe, and--most importantly--the geometric yet beautifully dynamic nature of this outfit. It looks like unfolding origami! Fantastic! And I'm guessing that it glistens when put in motion. Unfff!
Summer's finished
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Irvin Penn
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Backstage at Moschino f/w 2014 by Kuba Dąbrowski for WWD (I hate Moschino but this shot is fantastic)
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The Jewel edition Cruel Summer sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti 
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Maison Martin Margiela, s/s 2015
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Annoying shoes but the coat is a beautiful little thing (Maison Martin Margiela, s/s 2015)
Body paint, sweater Dior, ring Repossi
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Perfumes and accessories from the f/w 2014 collection by Maison Martin Margiela. Photographed by Cédric Viollet for L'Officiel de la Mode.
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Fuck Buttons, Slow Focus, 2013
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