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Le index!

The process of retagging this soup is slow and really depends on my mood (it's the measure of my eagerness to do this or not) so sorry about any inconvenience. Enjoy and suggest tags!


bands in band tees, Bat for Lashes (or Natasha Khan), BeckBerlinBeyoncé (and Jay-Z, and Kanye West, too. I am more of a team Jay/The Throne, though), Björk, Blur, David BowieBritish

CanadiancaptionJulian Casablancas, Christmas (because kitschy can be classy at times), colours (my favourite are blue and pink), coverBenedict Cumberbatchcuriosities

Daft Punkdandy (a very intuitive tag, more like an insight into what I consider dandy, not a historical guide on decadentism but that other idea is very good as well...), Kuba Dąbrowski (great Polish photographer based in [haha, stop tickling me] Milan), decor, DJ (and electronic music in general), DJ Mehdi (he was somebody, my never-ending love), Dutch

fashion (my favourite fashion magazines, quoted here way too seldom, are  i-D, LOVE, and Dazed and ConfusedVogue less and less with time now [but still, it is THE THING and the majority of my uploads. Sometimes I additionally list them with reference to a specific country edition, like ParisNippon, or US, but not always, yet you can try playing with that.] I admire Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander WangComme des Garçons, Prada, and Dior massively, Chanel (hate Karl, though) and Yves Saint Laurent to high extent [Hedi Slimane has a separate tag. Also, despite renaming of the brand, I still tag all the Saint Laurent the old way because I like it more], Tom Ford makes me smile, Louis Vuitton [and Marc Jacobs] is a guilty pleasure. I hate Swarovski and Vera Wang, and find Elie Saab boring), filmflowerFrench, Stephen Fryfun


Albert Hammond Jr., Harry PotterJoshua Hayward, James Holden (mathematician, scientist, DJ. Perfect combination and a future husband for years now), The Horrors, How I Met Your Mother(or HIMYM, my tagging is, sadly, a little bit inconsistent in that particular task...), 


Japanese, Scarlett JohanssonJustice (well, they are mostly together but... Gaspard Augé &, particularly, Xavier de Rosnay. This man embodies pretty much all my guilty pleasures about men; the fact that one look at prominent cheekbones makes me want to have sex with people who have such; big eyes; skinniness; ugly French accent while speaking English; v-necks; simple styling; well-fitting leather jackets; bright use of samples [I am not a purist, lie to me in music but lie brightly, the way Justice does in their first album]), 

Katowice (thematically comparable tags are Off Festival, with memories and curiosities from the [imho] best Polish festival that takes place in Kato, and humbug Katowicing with my photos from around the city. Sweet people say I've got a good eye but the truth is I'm a very poor photographer), Nina Kraviz (my terrifyingly great DJ future girlfriend), 

LGBT (always a supporter as a queer girl [nah, I'm only nerdy] but feeling a little bit sad everytime, that I have to support something, as if it was a work in progress and not an obvious human feature, part of their lifes), lyrics

David Macklovitch (because he is elegant, dandy, fun, speaks perfect québécois and English with a cute accent because of his Canadian roots, he has a PhD, seems perfectly intelligent, and admitted to be a single heterosexual man which still makes me hope that... Also, quite surprisingly, Chromeo turned out to be my band of 2013), MGMT (old times but a strong tag), Mika (who is a perfect human being, yes, he is!), model (frequently featured include Alexa ChungKate Moss, Freja Beha Erichsen, Lily Cole, Daisy LoweNatalia Vodianova, and Mariacarla Boscono), Thurston Moore (or Sonic Youth), Monty Python

Vladimir Nabokov (also Lolita as it seems to remain an important source of inspiration in arts and fashions), neonquote (and nearby literature), 




tea, Juergen TellerJustin Timberlake (again, perfect human being), Francesco Tristano (go Luxembourg!), typography

underwear (my little guilty pleasure, especially the intricate one, yes for lace in lingerie and fashion in general), 



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