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The time flew by like it was prime time and I'm inside of Life
You shouldn't be my wife, you should just be with me on this beautiful night
— Childish Gambino feat. Jaden Smith, Late Night in Kauai
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It's so sunny and I am stuck with my dissertation I am clearly and painfully failing (and now, that it's over, I'll never be sober)
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I should not be chilling and I am not but Devendra and assam tea make it better and less stressful
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While standing, the lines of the belt, garter straps, and stocking tops frame one of the curviest parts of a body in an aesthetically gorgeous way. When horizontal, they become a nylon-and-lace, full-body Chinese finger trap. Which actually sounds pretty awesome if you or your partner(s) are into light bondage...
— Stoya for Nylon on stockings with a garter belt
Karlie Kloss for Dior haute couture, s/s 2010; austere ringmaster vibe reworked by John Galliano is everything, and I am crying at this whole beauty (a new idea for the outfit for graduation)
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Naomi Campbell by Ellen von Unwerth for Agent Provocateur s/s 2015. Fantastically fierce
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Donna Tartt, photographed at the Argosy Book Store, on East 59th Street in New York City, for Vanity Fair, November 2013
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This ad makes me way happier than it should. Everybody knows that Tom Ford likes to go all controversial (which I don't mind at all) and I constantly go grumpy about his styleless styles for women but this ad... All that gender bending, golden eyeshadow, and biting!  As a biter, I have to say that this ad fills my heart with a touch of really yummy filthiness, yum yum
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Agent Provocateur's Birthday Suit Suspender. Lord have mercy on me, unf
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Tool of the year: LaTeX. Not many people know this (soup totally doesn't tell you...) but I am a tiny little bit of a typography freak, and hence getting to know LaTeX, a high-quality document environment with really lovely (complex, but lovely) typography settings was a dream. Also, it helped me channel my writing anxieties and limit blocks. Like, you feel good about writing things and it limits your panic that these things are actually shitty at the level of essence because they look perfectly nicely at the level of fonts, and you want more of that prettiness. Then you come back to your writing and just edit, removing boring sentences from the classy ones. But altogether, you get the good out there in the first attempt. And it's really professionally-looking. An ultimate pleasure for people who like coding, typography freaks, and wannabe academics. #thefrontofditchingmicrosoftword
[and use it with Share LaTeX, if you need to teach yourself to the LaTeX syntax, files recompile quickly, and the summary that the staff offers on editing is really useful]
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Album of the year: Patricia, Body Issues. Only at the point of looking for the cover art to upload it now have I noticed that this album actually came out in August... 2013, not 2014, as I was misleadingly led to believe, following my year of discovering Body Issues and the date of the release on Spotify. The fact that my favourites of the year span 2003-2013 suggests that this year wasn't good for my taste which is not exactly true as I had a lot of fun but yes, I wasn't really up to date... It doesn't matter, however, because this album is fantastic. If I ever end up introducing anyone to techno again, I will show them this album. It is alarming but relaxing, glittery but dark, warm but leaving the trace of uneasiness. A true gem.
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Album of my life this year: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below by OutKast. Don't get me wrong, other than the hideous cover (asymmetrical name of the album, aaargh), I love this album, I used to love it, and I will when it turns more than 11 (20, and 30, and...). But this year I appreciated it even more than before. For its fun dance parts on the Speakerboxxx side that helped me go through a very difficult, lonesome summer when I had to work hard to support my very own ambition and avoid bringing myself down. And, in case of The Love Below, for the very honest (and also fun, in some way) dealing with the problems of becoming an independent adult, having sex, enjoying sex, and whether having sex on the first date means being a hoe (seriously, there is this brief speaking track on it.) In a bonus, a lovely, lovely, lovely jazz, yes!
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Model of the year: Karlie Kloss. I know she's a baking lover who is also a Victoria's Secret Angel but she also teaches herself to code and is a very talented model (KK by Nico for Elle France, December 2014)
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Design of the year (II): R+ Co, a hairdo company. Fantastic names and the even prettier packaging. Also, compare with their website, a gem of hipsterati, glitterati, and minimalism
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