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A great night of reading individual differences (because I will finally get my shit together and do this!) and talking to Kuba, and listening to Bat for Lashes to get into his mindset because mine is still closer to Blow (my mind uses hey whorelet! to say hi to me for the second day in the row, God why)
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P came over to listen to a talk on navigation, to eat dinner, and then to be a pathetic attempt at a woman with a mug of chocolate so sweet and so thick that it could potentially keep spoons straight. Tonight she heard stories of a breakup of the decade (well, no, of three years; I totally understand but it's funny to know I was an inspiration next to your neuroscience lectures. Your brain goes great ways, that you feel obliged to care and love, but also funny ways, like, my attitude inspired that decision indirectly, really? But let's be honest, there will be things we both will miss about him. He is so hot, and better dressed than the two of us combined), statistics (how to put the t-test where there are no two groups but something weirdly correlational? You just can't, and it sucks), we discussed how we notice the pattern of bright guys liking sluts, but intelligent sluts (it's because they want to spend their lives with intelligent girls like us, but we aren't sluts but sluts can be hot, hence they are desired by bright guys, we decided. Also, channelling a slut can be fairly funny if you aren't one?, we wondered), how being a slut is a sign of love (that one is quite countercultural but not as counterintuitive as it seems, and that's amusing), how putting you are hot, I've seen your body, oh, you have a boyfriend, I still think you are hot sounds badly even though all these separate messages are truth and quite asexual but intellectual, we decided which stereotypically porn things are hot (team schoolgirls because cute and lesbian), I listed my fears, and P set our next date to be watching Blue Is the Warmest Colour. Not necessarily in that order
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Even though I love Natasha from the depths of my non-existing heart and I always will, her new album is an overall disappointment. That's the reason for which I pretty much ignore the existence of the track and focus on N.'s interesting look (hm, how would I look in a wig?)
Natasha Khan at Bestival (and in The Observer)
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Natasha Khan
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Like always in case of Natasha's music, I am like Isn't it a bit too overemotional? but my heart replies more than gladly No, it isn't.
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Bat for Lashes by Phil Sharp, 2009
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During those wild nights, there were definitely moments when I thought anything could happen to me and no one would know. I remember not feeling safe; everyone else was really pushing their limits. I think that's how a lot of people deal with their social anxiety-- just partying really hard.
— Bat for Lashes
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I want to write songs that teenage girls sing into their hairbrushes
— Bat for Lashes in the documentary Two + Two
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Bat for Lashes in her alter ego form, Pearl.
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Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) at the London Fashion Week. She's cute (as always) and her new hairdo makes my heart melt beacuse I used to have that one for years. Welcome back, my favourite life ambition of when I grow up, I'll be like Natasha Khan.
Don't be mean, Ada, my inner voice suggests, at least there is some resemblance between you two, appreciate that. I really do! It's NK who helped me accept the way I smile. I perceived it as ugly and childish, and not very appealing but just look at her, isn't it lovely?
The smell of cinders and rain
Perfumed almost everything
We laughed and laughed and laughed
— Bat for Lashes, "Daniel"
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