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Listening to some Chromeo b-sides to calm down my panic brought me to a remix by Yuksek and then to fairly good but kind of forgotten Away from the Sea. And then BOOM! It turns out that I've actually known Chromeo for years, since 2008/9, but never really paid attention to them in that album, and got into them just last year. Funnily still, I remember some parties when I observed some people and my mind went 'Cuz your body's moving so / And the music sounded so, and I haven't linked the two. Ever. Why, how? Everybody knows now that Dave does it better!
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This video starts as porno for fans of skinny black jeans and chelsea boots (me) and then develops into a real porno for fans of Dave Macklovitch (me), and it's the most beautiful thing Chromeo could have given me (yes, this man really turns me on, no metaphors, it's a biological reaction, now I cannot focus on my files or dissertation thoughts, and just... Good God...)
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David Macklovitch by Robin Laananen
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The inner side of Arcade Fire's Reflektor
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Let people alone. Let them find their way. Let them find their level and you may sometimes be delighted and astonished at the extraordinary high level to which they'll rise if they're let alone.
— William Robertson Davies, Gzowski on FM
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Album of my life this year, honourable mention: Arcade Fire's Reflektor. It started with pains in my heart during the title track, then it followed with Afterlife, and then with bits and pieces around. I tried to disentangle my friend (like I've said, pains) from it, but I cannot. Not only because it tackles the key problem of our relationship that makes me unstable, not trusting, and full of doubt but also, actually, because it has some fearful quality of a message from the future. I tried not to see it in the lyrics (or in the mere fact that he likes the band more than me) but I already know (ha) that I cannot deny it; I imagined how I would have felt if I told him to vanish (I am ashamed of myself for doing this even in my mind without any intention to make it real, but still feeling as if it was some kind of betryal and doubt), and I would totally choose that album to cry to. It would be the disappointment of fulfilled Porno, hope that I will come up to terms with such a huge loss accompanied with Afterlife, mindless crying because I cannot come up to terms with this to Here Comes the Nighttime, etc. I actually even imagined the whole post-event conversation with Polly, and it has some vague touch of Orpheus (it's never over.) I cannot decide how I feel about it and what it means, and what I should do, if anything. I probably should; aesthetics speaks to me about a relationship that has aesthetics as its most stable foundation, but why would you care about a bunch of music lyrics, really
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Band of the year: Chromeo. I dislike jewellery and barely wear any, especially golden. But then there are these golden outfits or dresses that just need golden jewellery, not to spoil but to adorn. Chromeo are the same. They don't qualify as something I would proudly share with friends but when I do, they know I've made a good choice because danceability, sexiness, and fancy footwork
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Crush of the year: Mr David Macklovitch (here for Mr Porter). A lead singer and author of lyrics at Chromeo, he won my heart with them (Chromeo's lyrics are cheesy but very intelligent), his coolness and immaculate pussy game mixed with some shyness coming from thoughtfulness, and, of course, his perfect style. If a guy says his concept of heaven is a 50% off sale at YSL, you just cannot resist. Or at least I couldn't.
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