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Other than this being a really beautiful tribute to Thriller, I like the lyrics on smell (well, duh, Miss Swan.) Some guy next to me smelled like him today, and my heart skipped a beat before my mind said But it's Hugo Boss. You explicitly criticised it to him last year, implicitly suggesting it's something that satisfies his one-night stands, and them only, and mindlessly satisfies his self as a reminder of the girls that he could pick up. You hate Boss, you always did, and you still do. No hard feelings. True story, funny thing to... I dunno, research?
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rockyourmind, foods, 2010-2020.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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Justin Timberlake/Jay Z poster for the 2013 Legends of the Summer tour
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Justin Timberlake with Ryan Gosling, I will be the soup star
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I especially like a moment in which Jay-Z is rapping, casually holding whisky
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Barney Stinson would be proud
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(Ada thinks Friends With Benefits was quite cute, anyway)
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gdybym kiedyś otworzył knajpę to musiałbym ogarnąć swój gust xd
wyobraź sobie, że wbijasz na piwo, a tu po Autechre leci Napalm Death.
a potem Justin Timberlake.

zamówiłabym jeszcze jedno piwo.
żeby siedzieć i obstawiać, co będzie następne ;d

no ale to tyyyy, nie. xd

ale co jest ze mną nie tak?

gust muzyczny to wszo co masz.
— Cici + youthless (naprawdę coś jest ze mną nie tak?)
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