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Mika used to give away these rosettes at concerts. I miss the clothes most.
Carols on, sadness in the house (my tutor will kill me when he finds out he should write my recommendation like right now)
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It's the whole performance of Mika's, HQ, from Parc Des Princes, Paris, 2008. It's absolutely my favourite period of his. Hence, this is The Most Perfect Thing Ever, after two weeks when I saw it first, still impressed. I don't like Mika's newest album but I really really wish I could see him live (also, as most of his stuff, this concert makes me just utterly happy and [relatively, Miss Cioran] carefree)
Mika, Bercy, Paris, 2013
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It's Mika in cupcakes. Your argument is invalid.
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Tout l'amour pour Nabokov et Mika, trois langues, c'est difficile
(luckily, no worries, it is going to take years before this blog becomes trilingual. I wish, though)
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Dandy Mika & Lady Gaga
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But girl, let me tell you more: 
If he’s 95 or 22
A boy’s gonna do what he’s gonna do
He says he don’t love you anymore
So pick up off the floor

Simple, maybe too simple, but very good. And there said: Mika is sexy in that way only ugly skinny pals who did not invest in their teeth can be and he's my little dandy boy.
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Mika, Lollipop. 'Cuz love's gonna get you down.
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