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My Bloody Valentine by Tom Spray for Pitchfork, Off Festival 2013, Katowice, Poland
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Goat by Tom Spray for Pitchfork, Off Festival 2013, Katowice, Poland
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rockyourmind, foods, 2010-2020.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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Goat by Tom Spray for Pitchfork, Off Festival 2013, Katowice, Poland
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(Off Festival, Converse tent, wall where all the messages could be placed on sticky little notes. That was Ada's fav part and she was sorry to not having it photographed. Thanks, @lugola!)
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OFF 2012
(Ada bezwstydnie kradnie Adzie, chociaż nie było mnie na biforze offowskim. Za to mam podobne bilety autobusowe [ba, mam nawet dziwne na Tychy, chce ktoś?], zazdroszczę przypineczki od Pani J. oraz bardzo utożsamiam się z różową mądrością)
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Hullo, persons!

It is just a brief text upload to make your browsing through pics and quotes more annoying. First, I'd love to thank all the people who clicked the heart on my page in the last couple of days which resulted in the really quick increase of friends-followers from 401 to 427. I'm really flattered. Thank you kindly. 

Second, thank you all who reposted my Kato photos. I had them here only for info/rememberance purposes. But then: a surprise! Kato lovers, bring it on! And I'm quite embarrassed yet happy you enjoyed them. 

Third, it's absolutely lovely that some of you have decided to contact me with I might have seen you in Katowice. I own you a huge apology, any soupers meeting up, for not sharing the info. All I can say is that I didn't actually expect showing up at all this year. It was a stupid impulse and a glimpse of luck (first in over a month) that I could attend the festival in the end + I grew up tentacles. It places me quite far from Kate Moss. I was like Gregor Samsa, couldn't really see anyone. Nah, joking. Just missing my personality fun part (no correlation with tentacles, though.) But I am sorry and thankful for your interest. 

Just in case: I was a redhead (but no strong shade), my hair is pretty short, if you saw me in Kato or the beautiful Hotel Katowice, I had varied skinny levi's and golden shoes, light blue headphones as photographed below, quite a big pink watch (go screw yourself, women fashion with delicate watches, hate it.) Day 1, shades of dark blue and white dots. Day 2 in Kato, Le Corbusier trip anyone? If so, long black see-through shirt, blue wayfarers, my companion had a smoke, an ice-cream and a really cool grey Carhartt shirt. Day 3: black top with dark blue Zara blazer with golden buttons. At the fest area, I had black converse. You could have seen me pretty much in the first rows at Death in Vegas, Dominique Young Unique, and Connan Mockasin (extreme left each time. At Connan, I was that uglier persona next to the prettiest @ohwowbutfuckyou.) Or Swans, the whole concert by the pavement where the sign T-Mobile free wi-fi was (extreme last row, it seems.)

Forth, there was a slight update of tags. I caught cold in Kato so proceeded to tagging old stuff. I'm around April 2010 so it's not that bad anyway, taking into account this blog is from March 2009. But, if you wanna go that far or notice a post that is from 2012 (when I finally started tagging), and in both cases you think something is tagged in a wrong way/misses a particular tag/it is a general no-no/have an idea for a nice general category of posts, please, let me know (same with missing/wrong source links. I really do my best but internets tend to fluctuate.) Thank you in advance.

I wish you a successful blogging for the sake of your inner popculture vulture. Have a good summer, eat a lot of veggies, go check new Yeasayer (or rock to Odd Blood), write me a cute little e-mail. Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me.

Forever yours, 
Remembrance of the times passed: all the stuff I brought from this year's Off Festival in Katowice. I've been to Connan Mockasin (he & the band rock, and not only because they signed & left me the name of one of the guy's other band. I guess the matter has a lot to do with them being a cuteness overflow), I had two festival bands even though I hadn't lived in a tent (silly of me but gave me an oh-so-naughty opportunity to savour Kato at night [alone! Thank you for this, my dear karma]), went on a trip around the Kato centre (Le Corbusier was a bright guy, go check his clear & inspiring assumptions on architecture), got some cool leaflets on design/with amazing typo (yay, people who do things for Ars Cameralis Festival, it's always class.) & I do really have blue headphones (& I like parentheses & ampersands.)
Dan Deacon by Kuba Dąbrowski, Off Festival, Katowice, Poland
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(Summer well 8: Katowice. Pins, bus tickets, leaflets, that red one is from the art museum, some Off-related stuff and, most importantly, autographs from Twin Shadow. Summer well 9: analog photos, poor attempts but I finally got to see them, the one in the box is my friend, Alice, making faces in not so Wonderlandish Ogród Saski, Lublin, Poland, I think it could be summer or early autumn 2010)
(Summer well 3: Off Festival, Katowice, Poland, hipsterati, beautiful girls and attractive, witty gentlemen)
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I've got a strange crush on Kamp! It started around... March? And it is not just the matter of fact I hardly listen to new stuff this year, it just is the matter of them, them being chillwave in their own way (slightly different and not copying the US, not to mention La Pologne, for the standards of which they are my electronic masters.) And they were the greatest live, I wanted to kiss each and every of them. And I thought it was that influence of onstage charm (every girl wants to date a rocker, well, in my case a DJ, especially wearing sennheiser headphones, oui?) but then I stood next to a guy who was like "Hi, Michał!" at the concert of Paris Tetris, and there Michał was, half a metre from me, and I wanted to kiss him anyway, for his quick, shy smile, that very same he had presented the day before when performing, and those skinny jeans. 

I know most of you are Polish cute indie chicks whose sex dreams probably have the same soundtrack as mine but if not: listen, I'm into music recommendations, but not here, not in my little soup world where I set the rules and I know my iTunes. So there is one of rather rare turns straight to you: listen to Kamp! Check them out, see their netlabel Brennnessel (there is a lot of great electronic music, here, said that, I don't like and don't listen to Polish music except for PT, Kamp! and Chopin), give them a chance.

That was deep, it was so. 
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