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While standing, the lines of the belt, garter straps, and stocking tops frame one of the curviest parts of a body in an aesthetically gorgeous way. When horizontal, they become a nylon-and-lace, full-body Chinese finger trap. Which actually sounds pretty awesome if you or your partner(s) are into light bondage...
— Stoya for Nylon on stockings with a garter belt
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Oversized menswear is something for a new season, it seems (Stoya by Nicholas Hawker, November 2013)
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Stoya in the Neil Gaiman tribute as Death from his Sandman for Dr Sketchy Philly (go go sexy nerdy)
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A few words of commentary. I used to like Amanda Palmer a lot (or rather The Dresden Dolls) and found this video by chance. And bang! There is my love Stoya in it! "Your love, really?," you are to ask but yes. I'm not a porn person (of any type) and S. is a very pleasant but unexpected exception. I like her both... for what she gives (and what you expect when you open some specific folders) but also the fact that she is just beautiful, non-sexually, aesthetically pleasant. Finally, she simply is a very bright person which makes me read her tumblr, twitter etc. And I do not consider it a guilty pleasure. Now, too. Watch a video for the sake of 5:42 where Amanda P. (to whom I refer to as a creature in this video, she's so ugly and grotesque it is not even amusingly ironic) is not fucked (I'm sorry, ladies & gentlemen) but caressed, and it's one of the cutest (not sexy-cute-lolita way, humanly cute) things I've seen in a long time.  
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The mix of all three in the sentence: Nabokov, Biggie Smalls, and finally the fact it is said by Stoya (yes, I know!) makes me laugh
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