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Happy birthday, Heart of Glass!
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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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Book of the year: Roald Dahl, Kiss, Kiss. Damn, this year was really not bad when it comes to books! I've enjoyed pretty much everything that I've read this year, and even though it wasn't 75 books as intended (less than 30), most of them were long and demanding, and I really enjoyed every single one, some more, some less, but no dislikes. Dahl has won in the end because of his references to neuroscience (sic! brain preservation and sensory perception), kinky winks (sadism, domination, and fetishism), and the noir vibe. Delish! (imagine I'm licking my rouged lips now)
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Album of my life this year: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below by OutKast. Don't get me wrong, other than the hideous cover (asymmetrical name of the album, aaargh), I love this album, I used to love it, and I will when it turns more than 11 (20, and 30, and...). But this year I appreciated it even more than before. For its fun dance parts on the Speakerboxxx side that helped me go through a very difficult, lonesome summer when I had to work hard to support my very own ambition and avoid bringing myself down. And, in case of The Love Below, for the very honest (and also fun, in some way) dealing with the problems of becoming an independent adult, having sex, enjoying sex, and whether having sex on the first date means being a hoe (seriously, there is this brief speaking track on it.) In a bonus, a lovely, lovely, lovely jazz, yes!
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