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. . .darkness appears to be the stimulus for the vertebrate photoreceptors and . . . light turns them off.
— John E. Dowling, Neurons and Networks: An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience (darkness is defined as a lack of light, lack, non-existence, but it seems physical to us at times... and, biologically, it is. I find it weirdly comforting)
'Do you know what pleasure is, Yvonne?' . . .
'Pleasure?' . . .
'It's a state of hightened activity in the mesolimbic dopamine system.'
'I pity your boyfriend,' quips Gillian.
We laugh. It's neuroscience laughter.  And for me, at least, it hurts.
— Charles Fernyhough, A Box of Birds
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From the website of CellAppetite and body weight are regulated by hypothalamic orexigenic [increasing appetite] gRP and anorexigenic [inhibiting appetite] POMC neurons. In this issue, two papers by Dietrich et al. (pp. 188–199) and Schneeberger et al. (pp. 172–187) show that mitochondrial dynamics and mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum interactions in these populations of neurons play key roles in the central regulation of whole-body energy balance. The cover features a surrealism-pop interpretation of these intricate metabolic processes by illustrator Albert Cano.
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Astrocyt (za: Kalat J., Biologiczne podstawy psychologii); pierwsze skojarzenie - La danse H. Matisse'a (Ada: bardzo fajne skojarzenie, ale trochę się krzywię na sformułowanie "dostarczający synapsę". Chodzi o wydzielanie neuroprzekaźników?)
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Neuropathology is so cool (yes, I do find plenty of organs bleh and cannot witness the section but not brains. I cannot explain it, sorry) 
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Neuroscience, maths, electronic music, Holden. Wow wow wow. My love is eternal
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